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WAR of ROCK is much more than just another reality show or a rocked out version of American Idol. WoR (The shows latest nickname) is about bringing together new artists with internationally acclaimed, multi-platinum, award-winning Rock Stars. WAR of ROCK is a grassroots effort comprised of musicians, music industry leaders, and fans who believe that together we can create positive change through Rock-N-Roll while serving as an educational source. Our mission is to preserve the rich history and evolution of Rock. Our primary purpose is to gain more interest in Rock-N-Roll while promoting new and upcoming talent and to find the next generation of rockers. Follow the footpath  of music legends... Enter NOW and become the next chapter in Rock-N-Roll history.


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Dana Strum (Slaughter) talks about WAR of ROCK, Ozzy Osborne, Randy Rhoads and more ...



Official Press Release 04/10/2015
WAR of ROCK -  Is The Original Rock Band Competition Show that focuses on preserving rock while discovering and educating up and coming rock stars makes plans for new shows with new sponsors signed on and record label backing..

(Dallas, TX ) - 
On Wednesday, March 18th War of Rock entered into an agreement with LOUD Spirit Records to be the producer of the new album from their next season. The show has also teamed up with two other marketing companies to help get funding for the tours. The breaks were tapped for the project back in 2012 after its pilot run in summer of 2011.

"I was funding the War of Rock with my own money.. It is a labor of love. Besides funding issues there just wasn't enough interest in doing another "Reality based" music competition TV show at the time. All the networks I approached basically slammed the door in my face saying the famous line.. "Don't call us - we'll call you"! We were going up against the newly launched "Voice" and "X-Factor" in 2011 not to mention American Idol success. Although The Voice, Idol and others are still around even with newcomer Rising Star there's still a need to fill a void here. There is NO rock band completion on that level and that's what we are after.. Who is going to be the next Rolling Stones, Doors, Motley Crue, KISS? A lot has changed since our initial launch in late 2010.. Peoples perception and interest in ROCK has certainly changed. ROCK is no longer dead as people were saying... Actually, It was never dead. I love the quote from Jam Magazine interview with Alice Cooper..


JAM to Alice: In the first half of the '70s, you could do no wrong musically. You literally ruled American rock and roll with an iron fist. Your kingdom, however, crumbled in the second half of that decade? What happened?  Alice response one word: Disco!


In 1978 The Texxas Jam was the big ticket with 100,000 in attendance. This band called Van Halen took the stage and changed the course of Rock again. In 81 the party boys of sunset strip known as Motley Crue took it to another level.. 
In 90 Zebra was suppose to be the next Led Zeppelin, but something happened to rock again.. In late 2014 I had the pleasure of working with Randy Jackson of Zebra in the studio with Ashes of Eagles. During one of the breaks and after getting to know him and how laid back he was I had to ask him what happened to Zebra.. Really.


It was killing me because Zebra was on the verge of mega super stardom. It was 1991, Atlantic records was throwing money at them left and right. Mark Slaughter was working with Randy Jackson and Zebra, along with Paul Stanley.. Stop for a second and think about that. Paul Stanley of KISS and at the time Slaughter was on its way to an AMA.. So here was my chance to find out what happened. I was sure he's going to give me some great big, cool rock-n-roll story about who, what, when and how. His answer was simple.. One word, just like Alice Cooper.. Grunge! .. The Seattle Sound.. Specifically Nirvana he said.. By the way he is a fan of Nirvana and enjoys the music


My point is Rock (I am talking straight up Rock) has never died.. It may take a break from time to time or spin out into a different genre of Rock but could never go away. I have always believed and have traced the roots of Rock to beginning with Fats Domino and Dave Bartholomew in New Orleans. Where else did they come from? What were they doing differently than everyone else? Did they struggle like everyone else was the critics hard on them? "I found my thrill on blueberry hill" was written in 1940 way before it was a Rock-N-Roll hit.

No, no straight up Rock isn't dead and does not need to make a comeback.. Because it never goes away. It's just hiding behind other genres of music you hear today" - Tom Stokes Creator/Producer WAR of ROCK..

WAR of ROCK is a grassroots effort comprised of musicians, music industry leaders, and fans that focus on preserving the rich history and evolution of  Rock-N-Roll while promoting new and upcoming talent through a strong competition with Judges and Mentors. In the 2011 pilot season of WAR of ROCK  Mark Slaughter of SLAUGHTER was the main Judge and Mentor. To this day several of the LIVE shows stand out to participants like the Fort Worth Show at The Rail Club or the Alabama show at Iron Horse. Four shows were produced for the pilot in Dallas, Fort Worth, Nashville and Birmingham ... if you're a rock band that rocks and looking to get noticed WAR of ROCK will be your solution.




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