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Mark Slaughter’s stellar career as a multi-platinum selling vocalist, award winning songwriter, successful producer, multi-media musical composer, and innovative voiceover artist have insured him a highly regarded and much revered place in music industry. As frontman for the band Slaughter, who sold in excess of five million records in the 1990s, Mark toured worldwide to sold out arenas. Today, in addition to continued touring with his band Slaughter and incorporating voiceovers and compositions for television and film into his repertoire, Mark will be one of the main Judges for WAR of ROCK.

Founder, singer and guitarist of multi-platinum heavy metal band Slaughter, which spawned hit singles "Up All Night", "Spend My Life", "Mad About You", and "Fly to the Angels".
Lead vocalist for Vinnie Vincent Invasion together with fellow band mate, Dana Strum.
Currently composing original scores for film and television. Countless Slaughter songs continue to be featured on movie soundtracks.

MOJO asked Mark what advise would he give up coming Rock Bands " I would tell them to keep it real stay true don't pretend to be something you are not"

In a recent interview Mark was asked who was one of his biggest supporters in the early years: " My father would grab a generator and we would go to the middle of the desert and create a Rock Concert it grew so BIG that the police would have to come run us off. He was always there and supportive of my career"

Mark further stated " This is why I love WAR of ROCK its really my chance to give back kind of like what my Father showed me, unconditional support"  More

  Mark Slaughter Interview Talking about WAR of ROCK , his band SLAUGHTER and more with WAR of ROCK Host MOJO JONES ...




Greg has been involved in a number of independent films, he credits his big break to a role in Sin City where he played opposite Mickey Rourke under the guidance and direction of the talented Robert Rodriguez. Greg has been casted by Robert in other films such as Machete where he plays a fighter opposite Danny Trejo and Robert De Niro,. Greg has enjoyed a variety of roles from outlaw cowboys, bikers, junkies, and off-colored comedy as a quirky thug in James Gunn's Newly Released SUPER. His roles always prove memorable. As the leading role for the short film Off the Junk, Greg won a Best Entertainment Telly Award. Off the Junk is now going into pre-production as a feature film slated for early 2012.

Greg is co - creator of WAR of ROCK and enjoys great Rock N Roll. He is friends with Vince Neil and together they have been bringing awareness to and raising money for Make-A-Wish and MUSIC for RELIEF.   with Rockin the Red Carpet Tour  ROCK 99 Interview   More


Greg Ingram



Brantly Thompson

Brantly Thompson lead singer of Brand New Machine has been around the US since the mid 90’s rocking fans out with the tenacity of the top front men in the business. His command of the stage is second to none with Idols like Michael Hutchins, Steven Tyler and Vince Neil how could you go wrong? You just never know what you are going to get when he hits the stage but rest assured whatever it is it will be worth the price of admission for sure!

Brantly has accomplished many things from mastering his guitar skills as he was rising up through the local ranks and then set his sights on honing in his unique vocal tones.

Brantly’s first major act was based on his solo career Vibrosound. Vibrosound’s debut release was well received and an article in Rolling Stone magazine; also the single Friends had nationwide airplay. He progressed in his musical direction and partnered up with some rival musician from the scene and formed Downward. Downward quickly released its debut album and had a number one single in Germany and top 10 around the European countries called Break The System and also received regular video rotation on the Fuse Network and MTV2 from their single Three Sixes.

Brantly then had a few life changing experience that set him on course to his current and most exciting musical adventure called Brand New Machine. He is fronting this band with everything he has got and he is building a very loyal following with his devilish charm onstage. Brand New Machine is currently on tour with
Rockin The Red Carpet, War of Rock and Slaughter during 2011.



Claudia Rene

Claudia comes from a long line of talented family members, including singers, musicians, song-writers, and actors.  Most famous of those is her grandfather, T. Texas Tyler – born David Luke Myrick, and was known as the "Man with a Million Friends.”  T. Texas Tyler had eight Top 10 Singles on the US Country Charts in the 1940s and 1950s, guest-starred in two western movies, and hosted his own TV show.  Tyler was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame and featured on the Walkway of Stars in 1969 along side June Carter, Merle Haggard, Conway Twitty, Hank Williams and several other musical greats.

Claudia works in several arenas of the entertainment industry.  She has worked as an on-screen presenter/demonstrator/model for the past three years at the Consumer Electronics Show, the world’s largest consumer technology tradeshow held in Las Vegas.  She has filmed several commercials for Panasonic Business Solutions HD visual communications products. Claudia has been in four music videos in the past two years – two of which she starred as the lead female.  She is the Nashville spokesmodel for Jim Beam sponsored recording artist, Andy Velo, who is currently performing with Kid Rock, also sponsored by Jim Beam.   Claudia has worked for the past three years on the management team for the Nashville based southern rock band, Johnny T, for the past three years. She handles booking and ticketing, merchandise design and sales, sponsorships, promotional materials and PR for this up and coming band that is going to kick off their third SEC College Tour in September.   Most recently Claudia conducted the celebrity red carpet interviews at Rockin’ the Red Carpet in Nashville, TN which streamed live to over 88,000 people online and included interviews with Vince Neil and Greg Ingram. 




Phoenix Benjamin hit the road at age 14 with a Guitar, Tattoo Machine & Skateboard. Born & raised on the Westside of Jacksonville Florida home of Southern Rock. Graduated High school in Clarksville Arkansas.  2010/11 brings 2 New Singles "Tattoo Life" & " Country Girl". Impacting the world & crossing traditional platforms. Phoenix Benjamin is a must see entertainer. Bringing it home Old School style with the flavor of the real & now. Phoenix is sponsored by more than 12 of the industry’s top companies including: ZT Amplifiers, Peterson Tuners, Dr Martins, DR Strings, Jimi Hendrix Experience Clothing by Rock & Roll Religion, CALI inc., Coffin Case, Minarik Guitars, Halo Guitars, Vam Acoustics, Zoogee

Phoenix has secured voting rights for the last several Grammy's including the 2012 award show. Phoenix has signed on for season one of WAR of ROCK.  More


Phoenix Benjamin



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