WAR of ROCK OFFICIAL RULES / PRIZES  ( Updated 04/07/2015)
Guidelines and Standards for The Ultimate Rock Band Challenge   


PRIZES Please note: Prizes are subject to change from time to time as the show grows

Regional War of Rock Prizes Include:

1. Opening for a National Act
2. Limo to and from your War of Rock concert when you open for National Act.
Includes Hotel and your bands Riders
3.Recording contract.
4. Professional recording studio time complete with sound engineers and producers.
5. Band marketing package worth over $5000.00 including website, posters and photos.
6. 500 CD's pressed with jewel case
7. Press release kit by LOUD Media
8. Press time with several local, regional, and national web base rock sites like Blabbermouth, MTV, radio and newspapers.
9. Highlighted on WAR of ROCK TV
Travel arrangements will be made for your band to compete WAR of ROCK round two. Your goal is to get through three rounds to WIN the WAR and Grand Prize of $25,000.00 and to tour with Rockin the Red Carpet in your own decked out state of the art tour bus. ( The tour  bus is leased you do not own )
National War of Rock Prizes Include:

1. Opening for a National Act on National Level and Tour Rockin the Red Carpet

2. Your bands own tour bus (Leased for tour only)
3. Ground, Hotel and your band's riders.
4. Label backing via LOUD Spirit Records
5. Band marketing package worth over $10,000.00 including website, posters and photos.
6. 5000 CD's pressed with jewel case
7. Press release kit by LOUD Media
8. Press time with several local, regional, and national web base rock sites like Blabbermouth, MTV, radio and newspapers.
9. $25,000.00 Cash
10. Major sponsor endorsements TBA
11. Host of War of Rock TV
12. Tour and Judge the Next War of Rock
Once your band has been selected from our online panel of judges, you will be notified via email where to go for your LIVE WAR of ROCK performance.


1. Original music only.
2. If under 18 must have parents permission.
3. Must pay your band entry fee if your band is chosen to participate - once you submit your band you will be sent the Entry Fee Payment Link.
What you get for your performance fee;

A. Chance to win Regional and National Prizes.
B. Press for your band.
C. 1 multi tracked HD Video of your performance.
D. Your band exposed to a national viewing audience once the show airs.

4. There is a minimum of 3 members required and a maximum of 6 in each band.
5. Online Judges choose the best 10 to perform LIVE at a venue within your region. ( Sometimes it may be 6 - 20 depending on city and respond to show)
6. Judges score each band for each category with a 1, 2, 3 or 4 rating, with 4 being the highest.
7. Once online judging is closed and if you are selected, you will be notified by WAR of ROCK where to go for your LIVE competition performance. (ROCK OFF)
8. Once chosen you will not know your time slot until you get to the venue we do this to keep it fair as crowd noise is a determining factor in the overall judging at venue level.
9. Bands perform one 15-minute set each, with 15 minutes to set up/take down.
10. You band agrees to have their name/image or likeness used in any event marketing materials related to this contest without compensation or rights to royalties for such use.
11. In the event there is a tie there will be a ROCK OFF between the two bands to determine regional winner.
12. The Regional winner will receive the regional prizes and automatically be entered into WAR of ROCK Nationals.
13. All online band submissions approved, but not chosen will automatically roll over to the next challenge for next WAR of ROCK.
14. All bands picked for WAR of ROCK LIVE consents to have their name/image or likeness filmed for WAR of ROCK TV.
15. Immediate family members [children, spouse, parents, siblings] and individuals residing in their same household) are not eligible to participate. The Contest is subject to all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations and is void in Puerto Rico and where prohibited.
16. No Judge of WAR of ROCK is allowed to participate in the WAR of ROCK Ultimate Rock Band Challenge.
17. Once you finalize your band members no substitution of band members is allowed at any time during the Contest.
18. You may upload or submit your original songs minimum (1) maximum (5)
19. You may upload or submit photos maximum (5)
20. In the event your band is not chosen on a regional level you can follow WAR of ROCK to other cities to compete without paying another $100.00. You will however be subjected to the online selection process and would have to be "Chosen again" by the judges to compete at the venue level.
21. Once you have completed the online band registration form you will be sent a link within 24 hours that will have your WAR of ROCK Kick Off Package.
22. By completing the band online registration, you agree that your information submitted and sent back with the kick off package adheres to the Photo Guidelines and Content Restrictions as defined herein. below (collectively, the "Guidelines and Standards") and that WAR of ROCK, in its sole discretion, may remove your submission and disqualify you from the Contest if it believes that your Submission fails to conform to the WAR of ROCK Guidelines and Standards set forth.
23. Songs may be submitted via link from Reverbnation only.
24. If you are looking to get air play, please submit your song in MP3 format (One song at a time ) file no larger than 15 MB.
25. Photo submission of the artist/band must be in. JPG, PNG or GIF format black and white or color.
26. Your songs must be produced and composed by the artist or one or more of the band members and must be original works. All rights to which must be owned solely by the artist/band or band members performing in WAR of ROCK. Further; may not infringe upon the copyrights, trademarks, rights of privacy, publicity, or any other intellectual property or legal or moral rights of any third party, living or deceased (e.g., names, logos, symbols, slogans, audio recordings, videos, images that belong to others, images of other people, quotes from other people, or parodies of other people. If anyone is caught doing so you will be disqualified from WAR of ROCK Contest.
27. Your songs/music may not contain any individuals other than the entrant, unless the entrant has secured from such individuals, written permission to include such individuals in the entry and to grant the rights set forth herein. If requested, entrant must be able to provide such permissions in a form acceptable to WAR of ROCK.
28. Winners will be determined according to the process set forth below. After you complete your WAR of ROCK Kick Off Form and it was submitted your submission will be voted on within 24 hours by the judges. Entrants are prohibited to contact Judges. Judges may however contact Entrants if they are wanting more information about the band or a particular song.



Three main judges expose bands strengths and weaknesses, what worked and what didn’t work. The show will feature a guest judge as the fourth “surprise judge”. The judges are involved from choosing the bands from the online submittal process to watching each band perform LIVE and critiquing the contestants' performances minutes after their LIVE performance is complete. At the end of the night the judges determine who moves on to the semi finals.    


1. Musicianship: Overall skill, artistic sensitivity and tightness of the band and its members. Is the band as a whole technically, spiritually and emotionally ready to move to the next level?

2. Originality: how are the bands lyrics, uniqueness of the band, sense of innovation hold up? Example: Does the band have fresh, new ideas. Adds their own spin and signature to what they are doing.,

3. Showmanship: Bands appeal is universal their sound is all their own and their story's unique. Do they have eye catching stage antics? Does the band carry themselves in such a way that everyone wants to watch as well as listen.

4. Rockability: Ability to entertain and engage and rock a crowd with original music. Are they enthusiastic, exciting to watch and have Rock star appeal?

5. Rockalistic: Your bands style performing.

6. Rocktivity: How long have you been a band and where have you performed. Are you a team? All for one and one for Rock?

WAR of ROCK is in the process of recruiting and negotiating several rock icons and celebrities to be Judges and Mentors with WAR of ROCK.

MUSIC GENRE: Click here to see the Rock Music Genre acceptable for competition for WAR of ROCK.

CONTESTANT ELIGIBILITY: The eligible age-range of contestants is currently 15 years old and no top age had been set yet. The contestants must be legal U.S. residents, and must not hold any current recording or talent representation contract by the semifinal stage.

ONLINE AUDITIONS: Marketing to bands can be tricky and the WAR of ROCK Scout team is always careful to make sure up and coming rock bands in each giving city know that there is an opportunity. Recently, WAR of ROCK partnered with Lou Plaia and his team. has over 1.4 million artists. They are getting the word out to the bands quickly and with great success with their state of the art, one of a kind, platform.

SEMIFINALS: Ten cities make up one region. Once the regional WAR of ROCK Tour is complete the winning 10 bands from 10 cities will battle it out in a WAR of ROCK Semifinal showcase which will include a “ROCK-OFF”.

Semifinals are comprised of four regions South Region, Northern Region, East Region and West Region. One band from each city will win.

SEMIFINALS EXAMPLE: The show progresses, keeping its continuity leading up to the semifinals as the Judges determine what band will win the Southern WAR of ROCK Region and the regional prizes.

Semifinals are always a Friday and Saturday night at a large venue for the WAR of ROCK concert series.

The Southern Regional’s are Slated for TBA

There are four semifinal cities TBA

FINALS: Winners from each semifinal region will go to City, State TBA to perform in front of Judges and fans. This show will be two days

The finals will be set to broadcast in prime time from a major network, in front of a live studio audience. The semi finals and Grand Finale will last about 10 weeks. Each finalist performs their own original songs. Contestants in the semifinals will work with a Rock and Roll celebrity mentor.

WAR of ROCK Grand Finale will be held in Dallas Texas. Winners from North, South, East and West go to WAR to find out who are the best Rock Stars.



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