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    The WAR of ROCK History      
    Gregory Ingram was born in the South Dallas city of Oak Cliff Texas . In the 6th grade Greg knew he was born to be an
actor when he acted in his first play at I. N. Range Elementary School. The role required him to express very sad emotions, which was totally out of character for his personality at the time.

As a young boy coming of age, trouble ensued. Greg got off on the wrong track by drinking heavily which caused his life to spin out of control. He battled off and on for his sobriety and after a few attempts at rehab followed by a few stints in jail Greg’s life was transformed by kicking his habits in 1994. Fatherhood became Greg’s primary focus when he successfully fought for and gained sole custody of his daughter Lexi. During his trials and tribulations, Greg somehow managed to study his craft consistently under a variety of acting coaches and schools from Dallas to Los Angeles. Full Bio


        Greg Ingram NEWS    
        Dallas Texas 09/02/2011    

Kid Rock Dallas Texas 9/2/11 - Greg Ingram Actor and Co-Founder of WAR of ROCK TV .. Greg and Rock Met at The ZAZA Hotel after sound check and before Rock headed back to the venue.

Pictures from JAM Magazine


         Birmingham, AL 08/22/2011      

  On August 22nd 2011 Greg and the WAR of ROCK Scout Team Declared WAR on Nashville. The Venue that was chosen is the same venue that KID ROCK performed for Nashville Center Stage      
  Media Alert Nashville WAR of ROCK      



        Birmingham, AL 08/20/2011    

On August 20th 2011 Greg being interviewed on the red carpet before the SLAUGHTER Show. Greg was instrumental in bringing SLAUGHTER to Birmingham so that the WINNER from WAR of ROCK Aug. 6th competition actually opened for a multi platinum band. Mama Piranha opened for SLAUGHTER and Brand New Machine.

The concert is part two of episode one from the First WAR of ROCK TV Show. The Rock concerts are part of the WAR of ROCK concert series.  

  Pictures I Videos

      Hoover, AL  08/16/2011        

Greg Ingram Announced that Mark Slaughter has joined WAR of ROCK Season One and will be judging in Nashville September 10th 2011. In a recent interview Mark was asked who was one of his biggest supporters in the early years: "My father would grab a generator and we would go to the middle of the desert and create a Rock Concert it grew so BIG that the police would have to come run us off. He was always there and supportive of my career"  Mark's Bio on WAR of ROCK


      Hoover, AL  08/06/2011        


With most stories, the ending is usually the best part. It's the piece that finishes the puzzle and rewards people for stick­ing around.

But for Willie McDonald and his band Mama Piranha, how the group became regional win­ners of a battle of the bands contest called "War of Rock" overshadows the fact that a lo­cal band is scheduled to be seen on national television in the coming months -- especially when ...  Full Story



       Judges from WAR of ROCK Round One

Judges from WAR of ROCK

Birmingham Alabama

Each Judge has been personally selected by Greg Ingram. Read the bios on all the judges here


      Nashville TN  07/19/2011        

On July 24, 2011 Greg Ingram and his scout team recruited Michael Nast to stream the WAR of ROCK TV Show and Concert Series LIVE on several internet channels such as www.UStream.com 

Michael Nast is the Social Media Director for WAR of ROCK and behind the scenes footage videographer.

You can see several of his videos here www.YOUTube.com/WARofROCKTV 


      Hoover, AL  07/16/2011        

Greg and the WAR of ROCK team needed someone to host the show. Someone that not only knew Rock and Roll but could actually deliver the message that this TV show is not like anything that has ever been viewed. The team found that plus a whole lot more by recruiting MOJO Jones as the official WAR of ROCK host. Greg met MOJO while promoting Rockin The Red Carpet with Vince Neil

Mojo is the star of the MOJO Morning Show on Rock 99 in Birmingham!! He is a United States Army Veteran, a Father.  He spent the majority of his 4 years in the Army in Kirchgoens Germany with the 2nd of the 3rd field artillery. He was a 64 Bravo (Light wheel vehicle mechanic). His radio career began when he was 30 Quote: "didn't know what I wanted to be when I grew up till then....still working on the growing up part!" He has done Country radio, top 40 , news/talk, and of course ROCK! He have been able to travel a lot and has seen some pretty cool things and has met some amazing people along the way. Nowadays he calls Rock 99 Home!

"I have been in Alabama for over 7 years now and LOVE IT! I was in Huntsville for the first 6 1/2 of those and still own property there I now live in downtown Birmingham which reminds me a little of my original home town (Detroit)!!!"

MOJO has signed on to be the host for season one and two


      Hoover, AL  07/05/2011        

On July 05, 2011 Greg Ingram and his scout team announced that WAR of ROCK TV show and Concert Series will kick off in Hoover AL and go through 2012 including 40 plus cities across the U.S. including Canada.

By the way if you are close to Hoover AL please stop in and visit Sammy and Jerry at the Iron Horse Cafe its not just a Rock and Roll bar. They have the best food in the area. No joke steaks that melt in your mouth.

Iron Horse Cafe

1694 Montgomery Hwy
Birmingham, AL 35226
(205) 978-5599




Rockin the Red Carpet Tour 2011 with Vince Neil and Greg Ingram



      Los Angeles CA 05/09/2/11        

Greg Ingram uses his star power to get A list Celebrities on board with WAR of ROCK TV Show.. Don't be surprised when you see several A list celebs making guest appearances on WAR of ROCK. 



Greg Ingram, Dana Strum and Jeff Blando ( SLAUGHTER ) 

Greg Ingram & Vince Neil



Greg Ingram & Jersey Shore

Greg Ingram & The Bus



Greg Ingram & Craig Robinson

Greg Ingram & Playboy



Greg Ingram & James Gunn

Greg Ingram & Michael Rooker



Greg Ingram & Ellen Page

Greg Ingram & Rainn Wilson



Greg Ingram & The Beautiful Mayra Leal

Greg Ingram & Flying High Crew



Greg Ingram & Peter Fonda

Greg and AXE



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